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Google-owned YouTube launched a crackdown against users who have ad-blockers installed in their browsers. This has seemingly led to a significant slowdown of YouTube for Firefox users. YouTube has warned users several times to opt for the premium version of YouTube to avoid ads and that they must not enable ad-blockers. Now, it is reported that Mozilla’s Firefox browser users are facing problems with YouTube’s slow loading time. Users are sharing posts online that their screens even turn black for a few moments, but get back to normal after some time. Check out how Google reacted to the situation.

YouTube slowdown on Firefox

According to a 9To5Google report, Reddit users are complaining about YouTube’s slow loading speed. A user shared a video regarding the issue which showed a significant gap in the loading time of the web application. While the slow speed might be due to an internet connection, many assume that it has been done intentionally by Google. On the other hand, several users have also suggested that the slow speed might be due to the presence of ad-blockers.

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Now, Google too has pointed out that the ad-blocker is the reason for the slower loading speed on YouTube and it has nothing to do with Firefox specifically. Google said, “Users who have ad blockers installed may experience suboptimal viewing, regardless of the browser they are using.” They further urged users to allow ads on YouTube or try the premium version. To confirm the doubt, 9To5Google also tested the same on Chrome, but the loading speed was not delayed in this case. Therefore, it may well be a bug.

YouTube ad-blocker crackdown has become a serious problem for creators as it is limiting their earnings. YouTube is now actively working to encourage viewers to watch the videos with ads. However, the slowing speed of YouTube in Mozilla’s Firefox still remains a mystery.

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