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Attention iPhone lovers! If you are looking to buy a new smartphone, you may have been surfing through different ecommerce websites to check if you can get a good discount. However, discounts are quite volatile online. They come and go and are usually limited for a small period of time or till the stock lasts. But right now, there is a great iPhone 13 price cut available on Flipkart which brings down the price of the smartphone from Rs. 69900 to Rs. 60999, including bank offer. And while the deal is definitely a good one, the question is should you buy the smartphone or wait a bit longer? Find out.

Phone 13 price cut on Flipkart

The retail price of the iPhone 13 is Rs. 69900 for the 128GB variant. However, today, Flipkart is offering a flat 9 percent discount on the smartphone. This translates into a discount of Rs. 6901 on the smartphone. At this point, you can buy the smartphone for Rs. 62999 and this will not require any other specifics such as exchange offer or using a specific bank’s cards.

However, you can get an additional Rs. 2000 discount if you do own an HDFC Bank card. All you need to do is make the payment using the card’s details and you will have to pay just Rs. 60999 for the smartphone. Further, there is also an exchange offer worth Rs. 23000, in case you want to trade in your existing smartphone. But do remember, to avail the entire amount from the exchange, you would require an expensive and newer model. On the positive side, you will get some discount no matter which device you choose to exchange.

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Should you go for the current iPhone 13 price cut?

The decision depends entirely on your requirement and preference. This is a good deal and past trends have shown that the price of iPhone 13 has never gone under Rs. 60000 outside of a sale. And the next sale could be a month or two away. However, if you do not mind waiting, then it is probably worth not rushing in since the price of iPhone 13 came down as low as Rs. 47990 during the Diwali sale of 2022. It can even go even lower in an upcoming sale. Also, if you can wait, when the new iPhone 15 launches in Autumn, it will definitely lead to a further iPhone 13 price cut.

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