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I have always been a hard-core Android fan. From my first phone, which was a Redmi and then Asus Zenfone to my current handset, which is the Nothing Phone (1), I have always enjoyed the upgrades that they bring with them. Most importantly, the customisation that was possible and effortless user experience allowed me to perform my daily tasks with aplomb. And no, an iPhone has never been on my radar for personal use. Apple’s own ecosystem and the complexity of iOS have always been red flags for me. However, I recently tested the latest iPhone 14 and used it as my primary smartphone for two weeks. Was I biased in my reluctance to use an iPhone? Here’s what I experienced during my first time using an iPhone.

5 iPhone features that left me impressed

Easy set-up

It may seem surprising to many, an iPhone setup was as simple as an Android. Always thought it was a complex process. From getting my Apple ID to setting up a touch ID, everything went surprisingly smoothly. However, the real struggle was transferring data from my smartphone, especially WhatsApp chats. Did not expect that to happen simply because so many reports had indicated that this process had been simplified.

Camera performance

The iPhone 14 camera was one of the most impressive experiences when compared with what I had used earlier- the quality of the pictures with detail and colour has left me impressed, especially the portrait mode. And, no, we are not talking about the iPhone 14 Pro, but the plain vanilla iPhone 14.

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Cinematic mode

Apart from photography, the cinematic mode is a bliss for anyone who loves to record special moments on the go. Its auto-focus lock feature just makes the subject look more stable and in-focus even while shooting a long video – something that I barely found to be as effective on other Android smartphones- not just the ones I owned, but also others that I have reviewed.

Fast performance

The iPhone 14 comes with the power of an A15 Bionic chip coupled with a 6‑core CPU and 5-core GPU performance. I was able to open apps quickly and smoothly. No lag or slowdowns during my time with it even after putting it through the paces.

5G connectivity

5G connectivity isn’t specific to iPhone, but I don’t want to leave the chance to mention that since the arrival of 5G network in India, I have experienced it for the first time with the iPhone 14. With a quick speed test via Ookla, Airtel 5G networks has been recorded at 609 mbps while my other 4G SIM of Vodafone settled at 32.9 mbps at the same time.

I did not face any drop in calls with the iPhone, which really isn’t saying much, but considering that call drops have been hounding users for so long, and with such frequency, it most certainly deserved a mention.

What iPhone missed

Customisation of the home screen

Without a doubt, Android wins here! Android smartphones offer me a plethora of customization options to manage my home screen and experiment with widgets as per my preference, which is lacking in iPhones. I did find the iPhone 14 home screen to be cluttered and unorganized.

The complexity of iOS 16

Apple, why is iOS 16 so complex to negotiate? Well, it may be my personal view, but accessing and changing the settings for every minute detail is off-putting. Honestly, what saved me here is Googling to find “how-to” steps for every other thing. For instance, I am glad Apple has offered options to change the view of notifications with iOS 16, but again it takes some extra steps to find the right way to do it.

Not just that, but the different views of some apps, whether it is WhatsApp or a files app, takes an extra effort to understand! Plus, Apple’s apps are purely a new experience, me being a new user, but it hampers productivity, for the first-time user, at least. Undoubtedly, it is all a matter of time to start adapting to a new UI, but for the first time, stepping from a stock-Android-like clean and simpler UI to iOS 16, is a struggle.

Has my first encounter with an iPhone altered my initial biases? Honestly, yes! The powerful performance, rich photography, and video experience, and fast 5G connectivity left me impressed. The rest will take a little getting used to.

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