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AI roundup: Across the world, governments and corporates are looking to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to power up growth and harness new areas of generating revenue. Now, a Google study reveals what India thinks about the new tech. It emerges that India has become the most hopeful country as far as AI is concerned. On the other hand, there are dangers present in this space too. OpenAI CEO has expressed his fear that AI could be dangerous if misalignments occur in technology goals and expectations. Know more about what happened in the AI-verse today.

  1. Google study reveals India to be the most optimistic country on AI

In a recent Google study, over 1000 Indian residents took part in a study where 70 percent of users said that they are sensing a positive impact of AI. While 80 percent of people have faith that AI will bring benefits to their lives in the next 5 years. Additionally, people in India also believe that AI will reduce poverty and will result in “the entire spectrum of development.” According to an Indian Express report.

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2. OpenAI CEO shares concerns about ‘societal misalignments’ on AI

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said at the World Governments Summit in Dubai via a video call that ‘societal misalignments’ could be dangerous for AI and that this thought keeps him awake at night. Altman said “There’s some things in there that are easy to imagine where things really go wrong. And I’m not that interested in the killer robots walking on the street direction of things going wrong. I’m much more interested in the very subtle societal misalignments where we just have these systems out in society and through no particular ill intention, things just go horribly wrong,” according to an AP report.

3. Novel AI model may predict treatment outcomes of tuberculosis (TB), study revealed

A new scientific AI model was announced called Novel AI which has the potential to predict treatment outcomes for patients suffering from tuberculosis (TB). Novel AI is expected to provide more accurate and personalized treatment for TB patients. Sriram Chandrasekaran, corresponding author and associate professor at the University of Michigan, US said, “Multimodal AI model accurately predicted treatment prognosis and outperformed existing models that focus on a narrow set of clinical data.” According to a PTI report.

4. European Union lays regulation out on artificial intelligence (AI)

Lawmakers at the European Parliament approve the world’s first legislation on the technology. These new rules will govern the development, use, and deployment of AI technologies within the EU. The new rules will be applied to foundation models or generative AI. European Parliament committees shared a post of X saying, “AI Act takes a step forward: MEPs in @EP_Justice & @EP_SingleMarket have endorsed the provisional agreement on an Artificial Intelligence Act that ensures safety and complies with fundamental rights.” According to a Reuters report.

5. Synechron deploys GitHub Copilot for productivity

Synechron a company specialising in digital transformation consulting has now adopted GitHub Copilot which is an AI developer tool. After experimenting with various AI tools, the company said, “ GitHub Copilot reduced both the time and effort required across the entire development lifecycle. Sandeep Kumar, Head of FinLabs, Synechron said, “Much to our delight, the use of GitHub Copilot not only enhanced the productivity of our experienced developers, but they reported less stress and a heightened state of happiness,” according to a press release.

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