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It’s no secret that BA editors cook a lot for work. So it should come as no surprise that we cook a lot during our off hours too. Here are the recipes we’re whipping up this month to get dinner on the table, to entertain our friends, to satisfy a sweet tooth, to use up leftovers, and everything in between. For even more staff favorites, click here.

March 3

Healing, hearty chicken stew 

First came the hoarse voice and then the sneezing. First it was only one person and then it was two, including Nana, as we call my mother who happened to be visiting.  I knew it was time to make a homemade chicken soup. Right now, Matthew Raiford’s Nana’s Chicken and Rice Stew is a favorite. Though it’s called a stew, I transform it into a soup by preparing the rice in a separate dish and adding it in just before serving. It has a bevy of herbs like sage, marjoram, rosemary, and a bright, golden hue thanks to butter, in which the veggies are sautéed. Until the weather is firmly in the 50s, I’m going to make this again and again. —Dawn Davis, editor in chief

A hearty blend of chicken, rice, fresh herbs, and a grandmother’s love.

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Cozy, comforting shepherd’s pie

In Salt Lake City it’s cold and gray, which is great news for my snowboarding, but also demands cozy meals on repeat. (It will be warm again one day, right?) This Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie is a labor of love and like a fuzzy blanket for your entire being. For the lentil-y base, you caramelize mushrooms and leeks until your whole house smells like a French bistro. You mash potatoes and sour cream together like they’ve done you wrong. Then you layer it together in a beautiful mess and stare at the clock while it bakes and bubbles in the oven. The best news? You’ll have leftovers all week. —Ali Francis, staff writer

Tastes-like-autumn apple cider cake

Every year since it published, I have promised myself I’d make this cake. And this year I did! I really did. It tasted like pulling on a fleece, frolicking through an orchard, plucking an apple from a tree, and taking a juicy bite. And the leftovers turned into the world’s best breakfast for days. —Emma Laperruque, senior cooking editor 

Slices of apple cider doughnut loaf

This is the cake you bake on the weekend and then eat a slice of every evening (or morning) throughout the week. It’s called meal prep.

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Easy pineapple upside down cake

I recently joined a neighborhood cookbook club and as host, I was tasked with choosing a book to cook from and assign recipes. I’ve also been on a five-year quest to find a pineapple upside-down cake recipe that I could perfect for my aunt’s birthday (it’s her favorite cake). So when I saw Illyanna Maisonet’s version in Diasporican, I assigned it to myself—and it’s a winner. It’s easy because you use box cake mix, and you don’t have to pull out the scale to weigh ingredients. The recipe also uses coconut cream instant pudding mix, which I swapped for vanilla pudding with some coconut extract. What you get is an extra moist cake with deeply dark caramel that cuts through the acidity of the pineapple. —Urmila Ramakrishnan, associate director of social media

Cheesy scramble-turned-frittata

I was feeding two instead of four and the thought of halving quantities made my brain hurt. So I stuck with the original ingredient list but switched up the method: a frittata instead of a scramble. (The slow-baked method is my go-to.) This set me up for one of my favorite leftovers: a cold wedge of frittata, sandwiched between toast, with spicy mayo and whatever lettuce is in the fridge. —EL

Masala Skillet Scramble served in a skillet with side of tortillas.

Meet your new favorite, a cumin-and-jalapeño-spiked take on scrambled eggs. Enjoy them straight out of the skillet or stuff them into tacos.

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Speedy, spicy tempeh tacos

These tempeh tacos from the genius that is Ali Slagle hit on so many levels, I don’t even know where to start. First, there’s the fact that they’re a direct line to my sense memory of those Old El Paso taco kits I loved as a kid. Second, I dig that they’re a vegetarian (or vegan, depending on your toppings) riff on a ground beef icon. Third, I love how fast and easy they are to make—mindless even. Fourth, tempeh is rad and I’m trying to integrate it more into my cooking routine. (Does making the same recipe two or three times in as many months count?) And fifth: The recipe works just as well as a plate of nachos. —Sasha Levine, digital director 

Thai ajad-inspired steak

I almost never buy steak. I cook mostly vegetarian meals at home and when I do use meat, it’s rarely beef. But this week I wanted to make a dish that felt a little more celebratory and special—and Shilpa Uskokovic’s steak recipe was definitely worth it. The steak marinade was wonderful, but it was the Thai-inspired cucumber dressing that really knocked it out of the park. The weather is starting to warm up again in Texas where I live and this dish served on a bed of greens was perfect for transitioning away from winter cooking. —Olivia Quintana, associate social media manager

A platter of Curried Steak with SweetandSour Cucumber Dressing and lots of cilantro and mint

With bold crunch from cucumber and shallots, this tangy, spicy, sweet Thai-inspired dressing is great on grilled meats—and tasty enough to eat by the spoonful. 

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