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Brick Underground, which covered New York real estate news, is closing unless it finds a buyer.

However, despite our passion and commitment, the economic reality of running an independent media site has caught up with us. The evolving digital advertising landscape has only compounded these challenges, making it increasingly difficult for us to sustain our operations. Unless we find a buyer for the site, this will be Brick Underground’s final month.

As we prepare to close this chapter, I want to extend my deepest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of the Brick Underground story. Your support, engagement, and trust have been the driving force behind our success.

I also want to highlight the incredible talent within our team who are now seeking new opportunities. Our managing editor, Jennifer White Karp, has been instrumental in shaping our content over the past six years with her sharp editorial skills and deep understanding of New York real estate. Senior writer Celia Young has consistently delivered compelling stories with her exceptional writing and insightful analysis.

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