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Analysis of Influencer Marketing Calculator reveals that YouTuber and influencer, Jake Paul can now earn up to $72,167 per sponsored Instagram post which is five times as much as boxing rival, Tommy Fury can earn from social media at $14,298.

Jake Paul

A new finding by casino comparison site reveals that Jake Paul can earn five times more than rival, Tommy Fury, in online sponsorships on Instagram, due to his influence. The boxing rivals are set to go head-to-head in Saudi Arabia at the end of February in a match dubbed ‘The Truth’ after the tournament fell through twice already. Jake Paul has 22 million followers on Instagram, resulting in potential earnings of $72,167 compared to Tommy Fury’s 4 million followers and sponsored post earnings of $14,298.

Despite this, analysis of Instagram profiles show that Tommy Fury has a more dedicated fan base than Jake Paul, with a 3.65% engagement rate on Instagram compared to Paul’s 1.40% engagement rate. 

A spokesperson for commented on the findings:

“These findings highlight the enormous influence that Jake Paul has, online and around the world, with a single sponsored social media post earning the influencer turned boxer, a monumental sum of money. It is a testament to the hard work from Jake Paul and his team that he is now a household name when it comes to boxing, despite a controversial reputation online in the past.

It will be fascinating to see if the fanbase and influence that Jake Paul has will translate into audience support on the night of his match with Tommy Fury and if this will impact who wins. “

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