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There is a need for sustained investment in research and development to drive sustainable innovation and address complex defence challenges, says Vijaykrishnan Narayanan, Coordinator, INDUS-X Academic Collaborations, in conversation with businessline’s Dalip Singh. 

Singh kicks off the conversation by emphasising the unique perspective an academician brings to the podcast on defence. He highlights the growing importance of cross-pollination between academia and industry, especially in the context of India-US collaboration through initiatives like INDUS-X. 

Narayanan provides valuable insights into the progress and potential of the India-US Defence Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS-X). He discusses the collaborative efforts between academia, startups, and government agencies to advance critical emerging technologies in defence and space domains. 

The discussion touches upon various aspects, including the identification of key technological areas, funding mechanisms, regulatory challenges, and the role of academia in fostering innovation. Narayanan emphasises the need for sustained investment in research and development to drive sustainable innovation and address complex defence challenges. 

Addressing the regulatory challenges, Narayanan acknowledges the enthusiasm of both Indian and US government officials to break down barriers and facilitate collaboration. He advocates for a mindset shift towards empowering individual researchers and institutions to navigate regulatory complexities effectively. 

Drawing comparisons with similar defence innovation partnerships, Narayanan emphasises the unique potential of the India-US collaboration to redefine the trajectory of bilateral relations. He underscores the shared passion and commitment of researchers and policymakers from both countries to leverage technology for the greater good of mankind. 

As the discussion draws to a close, Narayanan outlines the next milestones for INDUS-X, including the launch of shared test beds, calls for collaborations, and upcoming events to deepen defence technology discussions. He expresses optimism about the progress and invites listeners to stay tuned for further updates on this transformative collaboration. 

Host: Dalip Singh, Producer: Amitha Rajkumar


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